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Steve Earle is a legendary singer-songwriter known for his prolific output of country, rock, and folk music. While Earle is American by birth and upbringing, he has a deep connection to Ireland and Irish culture that is reflected in many of his songs. From the use of traditional Irish instruments like the mandolin and fiddle, to the incorporation of Irish themes and stories into his lyrics, Earle’s music is heavily influenced by his Irish heritage. You can hear the bagpipes hit in the begin in his well-known hit “Copperhead Road”.

Steve Earle’s “The Galway Girl” is a beloved song that captures the spirit of Ireland and its music. However, what many people may not know is that the song was actually co-written by Irish singer Mundy, and was recorded with the help of a group of Irish backing musicians and the renowned Irish accordion player, Sharon Shannon.

Earle first met Mundy in 1999 when they both performed at a music festival in Denmark. The two hit it off and decided to collaborate on a song together. Earle had already written a verse and a chorus for “The Galway Girl,” but he was struggling to come up with a bridge for the song.

Mundy was able to provide the missing piece of the puzzle. He came up with the bridge, which includes the memorable lines, “I’ve traveled around, I’ve been all over the world, boys, but I ain’t never seen nothin’ like a Galway girl.”

With the song complete, Steve Earle and Mundy set about recording it. They brought in Sharon Shannon to add her trademark accordion sound to the track, and they also enlisted the help of a group of Irish backing musicians.

The recording process took place over several days, with Earle and the musicians working together to create the perfect sound for the song. The result was a lively and infectious track that perfectly captures the spirit of Irish folk music.

“The Galway Girl” was released on Steve Earle’s album “Transcendental Blues” in 2000, and it quickly became a fan favorite. The song’s catchy melody and infectious energy made it a hit both in Ireland and around the world.

Earle has spoken about the inspiration behind the song, saying that it was inspired by his love of Irish music and culture. He has also said that he wanted to create a song that captured the spirit of Ireland, and that “The Galway Girl” was his way of paying tribute to the country and its people.