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Have you been keeping up with the Bachelorette and Dancing With the Stars?! If so, then you may have seen a familiar face in Jordan Davis’ new music video, Hannah Brown!

The season 15 Bachelorette and Mirror Ball Trophy winner on Dancing With the Stars, Hannah Brown appears in Davis’ music video, “Almost Maybes.” In the music video, both Hannah and Davis go down memory lane of past relationships. All of the relationships ultimately didn’t work out which led them to each other.

Although the two are not actually together, Hannah has her fans to thank.  When the idea for the music video came about, Hannah said that her “fans started tagging Jordan, and then Jordan sent her a direct message on Instagram and that’s how it all started.” According to Davis, “Hannah was very involved in the plotline of the video” and is very happy with how it turned out!

Watch the music video for “Almost Maybes” below!