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Ever found yourself belting out your favorite country tune, only to be met with confused looks? You’re not alone!

Here’s a collection of misheard lyrics from iconic country songs that will have you laughing and singing along

1. ‘Everything’s Gonna Be Alright’ by David Lee Murphy and Kenny Chesney

  • Misheard: “She rattled the a– in my plastic cup”
  • Correct: “She rattled the ice in my plastic cup” Southern accents can make “ice” sound like something else entirely.

2. ‘Knockin’ Boots’ by Luke Bryan

  • Misheard: “Yeah, birds need bees / And I sneeze whiskey”
  • Correct: “Yeah, birds need bees / And ice needs whiskey” No whiskey sneezing here, just some cool drinks.

3. ‘Things a Man Oughta Know’ by Lainey Wilson

  • Misheard: “How to chase a rabbit down a driveway”
  • Correct: “How to chase forever down a driveway” Chasing rabbits might be useful, but Lainey Wilson’s singing about something deeper.

4. “Cowgirls” by Morgan Wallen

  • Misheard: “Rodeo 419”
  • Correct: “Rodeo for one night”

5. ‘Fix’ by Chris Lane

  • Misheard: “That good eat, that long drink, that sugar on your lips”
  • Correct: “That good ish, that long trip, that sugar on your lips” Chris Lane’s fix isn’t food-related, despite what fans might think.

6. ‘Should’ve Been a Cowboy’ by Toby Keith

  • Misheard: “Wearin’ my sex shoes”
  • Correct: “Wearing my six-shooter” Toby Keith’s cowboy gear definitely doesn’t include anything called “sex shoes.”

7. ‘Beachin’ by Jake Owen

  • Misheard: “White sand, cocaine”
  • Correct: “White sand, cold can” Beach vibes with a cold drink, not anything illicit.

8. ‘Look What God Gave Her’ by Thomas Rhett

  • Misheard: “Look what God gave her, a perfect tee-mater”
  • Correct: “Look what God gave her, how perfect He made her” No tomatoes here, just admiration for a perfect creation.

9. ‘Nothin’ to Lose’ by Josh Gracin

  • Misheard: “Breaker-breaker one-nine / She’s a big ol’ turd”
  • Correct: “Breaker, breaker 1-9 / She’s a big ol’ flirt” Mix-ups like these might leave someone feeling like a real “turd.”

10. ‘Record Year’ by Eric Church

  • Misheard: “I’m either gonna get over you or I’m gonna grow out my hair”
  • Correct: “I’m either gonna get over you / Or I’m gonna blow out my ears” Eric Church isn’t planning a hair transformation, just some loud music therapy.

11. ‘T-Shirt’ by Thomas Rhett

  • Misheard: “We had pantyhose and a view of the parking lot”
  • Correct: “We had a patio with a view of a parkin’ lot” Thomas Rhett’s patio view might be dull, but it’s not filled with hosiery.

12. ‘Take a Little Ride’ by Jason Aldean

  • Misheard: “Slide your pretty little cellphone over”
  • Correct: “Slide your pretty little self on over” Jason Aldean’s more into company than gadgets.

13. ‘Friends in Low Places’ by Garth Brooks

  • Misheard: “I’m not big on sausage gravy”
  • Correct: “I’m not big on social graces” Sausage gravy might be tasty, but it’s not what Garth Brooks is singing about.

14. ‘Came Here to Forget’ by Blake Shelton

  • Misheard: “Back of the bar, sticky Steves”
  • Correct: “Back at the bar, as thick as thieves” No sticky Steves here—just a bunch of close-knit friends.

15. ‘Big Star’ by Kenny Chesney

  • Misheard: “Like she was God’s little sister”
  • Correct: “Like she was Garth Brooks in a skirt” God’s little sister? Nah, it’s just Garth Brooks in a skirt, which is equally puzzling.

16. ‘That Don’t Impress Me Much’ by Shania Twain

  • Misheard: “And all that extra hold gel in your hair, I don’t like it”
  • Correct: “And all that extra hold gel in your hair oughta lock it” Shania’s got some strong opinions about hair gel, and she’s not shy about sharing them.

17. ‘Folsom Prison Blues’ by Johnny Cash

  • Misheard: “I’m stuck in wholesome prison”
  • Correct: “I’m stuck in Folsom prison” Even with the title right there, Johnny Cash’s prison locale often gets misheard as more wholesome than intended.

18. ‘Redneck Woman’ by Gretchen Wilson

  • Misheard: “I’ve got posters on my walls of skinning kittens straight”
  • Correct: “I’ve got posters on my wall / of Skynyrd, Kid, and Strait” Thankfully, Gretchen Wilson’s taste in posters leans towards country legends, not anything nefarious.

19. ‘You’ll Think of Me’ by Keith Urban

  • Misheard: “Take your cap and leave my shredder”
  • Correct: “Take your cat and leave my sweater” Keith Urban isn’t worried about his office supplies; it’s his cozy sweater he’s missing!

20. ‘9 to 5’ by Dolly Parton

  • Misheard: “And you think that I would daunt you”
  • Correct: “And you think about it, don’t you?” Even legends like Dolly Parton aren’t immune to lyrical confusion. She’s daunting, alright, but not in the way you think!