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If he wanted to… he would!

Kylie Morgan is over the casual, confusing world that is dating in 2022 and she proves it with her song, “If He Wanted To He Would”. Kylie Morgan found herself scrolling through TikTok seeing this sentiment echoed through hundreds of girls videos, all connecting to the same idea that effort is necessary in a relationship. This statement struck a chord in Kylie and a song was born!

The lyrics of the song tell a story of empowerment and the reminder that effort and actions are the way to a heart, not the constant question of “What if”.

If he loved you, he would tell you, If he missed you, he would callIf he wants you to meet his momma, Then he would bring you homeOh, there ain’t no excuse, He ain’t Mr. MisunderstoodQuit lying to yourself, If he wanted to, he would

Kylie touched on how she feels about dating in 2022 by saying,

“I feel like everyone is treating dating and loving in general as a convenience rather than an effort”

She wants to remind women to set their standards high, and not to lower them just because it’s convenient for someone else.

“Know your worth and continue to love yourself through it.”

Check out her full explanation behind the song below:

Listen and read the full lyrics below: