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Everyone loves a good Amazon Prime deal, specifically when it comes to the price, quality, and timeliness of the package arriving.

Here at Hank, we love any excuse to buy something for a country concert, so we decided to put together a list of the necessary items you need to add to your Amazon cart in order to enjoy your next country concert even more!

1. Portable Neck Fan

You’re gonna need this in the hot sun when you’re dancing and singing all night long!

neck fan

2. Portable charger

Your phone will inevitably start dying from all the photos and videos you’ve been snapping and posting so better safe than sorry!


3.  Beer Belt

Where else are you gonna keep all those beers?


4. Cornhole

Every good tailgate has corn hole and yes the proper term is Cornhole…not bags!

corn hole

5. Beer Pong table

There’s no better way to get the party started than a few rounds of beer pong or flip cup!


6. Clear bag

because…clear bag policy.clear bag

7. Cooler

A yeti cooler because they’re the best there is and you can’t change our minds!

Yeti Cooler

8. Cowboy hat

No outfit is complete without a cowboy hat!


9. Yeehaw Shirt

They’re cute okay!

yeehaw tshirt

10. Cowboy boots

because ya gotta have some boots to “boot-scootin’ boogie” in!


Happy shopping y’all!