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Heartbreak hurts period, there’s no getting around it.

But the best part of heartbreak is the songs that have come from them. Honestly without heartbreak, we wouldn’t have some of the best songs in country music. So here’s to the heartbreaks & getting through them together!

Here are the top 10 country break-up songs:

1. “Settlin'”- Sugarland

This is my anthem & it should be yours too! When you feel yourself starting to put yourself on the back burner, turn this song all the way up and remind yourself, “I ain’t settlin’ for anything less than everything.” 

2. “Stop Draggin’ Your Boots”- Danielle Bradbery

Are you sick of the back & forth and never knowing where you stand in your relationship? Well, Danielle Bradbery knows the feeling. Turn it up and tell ’em to “either love me or not, just stop draggin’ your boots”

3. “wAnt me back”- Lindsay Ell

Ever hear the saying, “They always come back”? This song is your response to them coming back after hurting you. “If I were you I know that losing me would make me lose my mind” Don’t wait around on them, it’s their loss!

4. “Do You Think About Me?”- Caitlyn Smith

This is the go-to song when you’re finding yourself unable to move on. When you can’t get that one person off your mind even if it’s been a long time since you saw them, you still find yourself wondering if they’re thinking about you, or if they’re happier without you.

6. “They Always Do” – Ashland Craft

“Them heartbreak boys gonna get their hearts broke too” If this line resonates with you at all, just hit play and listen below. This song comforts you in the sense that it helps you know that the heartbreakers are not immune to having a taste of their own medicine.

7. “I Hope”- Gabby Barrett

If you’ve ever been cheated on, first I’m so sorry that happened to you I wouldn’t wish that on anybody! Second, take a page out of Gabby Barrett’s song and put all your hope into “what goes comes all the way around.” & roll down your windows, turn it all the way up, and scream these lyrics at the top of your lungs.

8. “breadwinner”- Kacey Musgraves

If you’re going through heartbreak you should really just listen to Kacey’s new album in full as it follows her post-divorce heartbreak. This song in particular touches on how it feels to get out of a relationship with someone who felt threatened by your success. If you had a relationship like this, please say goodbye & good riddance. Embrace all of your success and never let someone dim your light!

9. “Tequila Does”- Miranda Lambert

Miranda is the queen of telling us to get our sh** together after a heartbreak through her songs, exhibit A “Mama’s Broken Heart” So why would you not listen to her when she says, “Cause he don’t love me like tequila does” ?! Go to the nearest bar and let “Jose Cuervo take you home tonight” and forget about the guys who only drink domestic beer. Check out her super fun music video for the remix of this song!

10. “Good and Gone”- Seaforth

Ever feel like you’re starting to slowly get over someone and get back to normal then you see a photo of your ex with someone else, moving on, and it feels like a punch in the gut. Seaforth perfectly sums that feeling up in this song. Pour yourself a drink and sing along and let “the whiskey burn kinda taste like a lesson learned”


Hold your head up, if it ended then it wasn’t meant to be! Pick yourself up & throw on a cute outfit and post a picture using one of these full-proof captions! Don’t forget you’re never alone, we’re all in this together!