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Start your engines, CRANK the HANK, hit the road, and head to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the best NASCAR race of the year!

We’re giving away tickets to the Big Machine Vodka 400 AND Miller Lite Party Deck passes!



Miranda Lambert “Fastest Girl In Town”

Who best to steal a car & race off with than one of the actual fastest girls in town? Danica Patrick and Miranda Lambert made a good team!


Brad Paisley “Old Alabama”

Best part? Jeff Gordon sticks Brad Paisley with a 176mph speeding ticket.


Justin Moore “Bait A Hook”

Carl Edwards stars as the man who’s dating Justin’s ex. After Carl’s pit crew loads his boat into the water, they come face-to-face—Carl & Justin’s ex and Justin & his dog. Turns out Justin’s more than happy his ex cruises off with Carl. Like Justin says at the end… “I’ve seen ya irratated. I’m tellin’ ya. Better him than me.”


Sara Evans “Slow Me Down”

Carl Edwards makes another country music video appearance in Sara Evans’ 2013 song “Slow Me Down,” where his role required some dramatic acting as a husband (him) and wife (Sara Evans) argued for most of the video.


Sheryl Crow “Steve McQueen”

The streets are torn up by Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Sheryl Crow as they race through Hollywood and eventually onto a track.