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Elvis Presley’s granddaughter is putting up a fight to stop a foreclosure sale of Graceland, the iconic Memphis mansion of the late singer. She’s crying foul play, saying the company trying to sell it off is bogus and has no right to do so.

Danielle Riley Keough, Elvis’ granddaughter and the current owner of Graceland, managed to slam the brakes on the sale with a temporary restraining order. She’s all set to take the matter to court to slap an injunction on the sale.

In her lawsuit filed recently, Keough alleges that a shady outfit called Naussany Investments & Private Lending LLC cooked up fake papers claiming Elvis’ daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, owed them $3.8 million and used Graceland as collateral. But here’s the kicker—Keough insists none of that ever happened.

A a flower arrangement left by a fan at the gravesite of Elvis Presley at Graceland.

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According to Keough’s lawsuit, a notary in Florida denied ever meeting Lisa Marie or signing any documents for her, even though her name was supposedly on the loan papers.

Now, here’s where it gets even sketchier—when CNN tried to reach Naussany Investments & Private Lending LLC, they hit a brick wall. Emails bounced back with an automated “out of office” reply, and the phone number was dead. And get this—there’s no trace of this company in Missouri, where it claimed to be based, or anywhere else in the country.

Keough isn’t having it. She’s calling out Naussany Investments for trying to pull a fast one by scheduling a foreclosure sale of Graceland based on these phony documents. But Keough’s not backing down. She’s got a restraining order in hand to put a stop to any shady business.

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Elvis Presley Enterprises, the folks in charge of managing Presley’s estate, are backing Keough all the way. They’re saying the claims made by Naussany Investments are as phony as a three-dollar bill. And as far as they’re concerned, there’s no foreclosure sale happening—it’s all smoke and mirrors.

Graceland’s no small deal—it’s a major tourist hotspot, drawing in crowds from all over. And it’s not just a pretty face—according to reports, it’s worth a fortune, somewhere in the ballpark of $400 to $500 million. Lisa Marie used to rake in the big bucks from it every year, as revealed in her divorce papers.

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A showdown is set for Wednesday morning in Shelby County, Tennessee, where they’ll hash out this whole mess in court.