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A 7-song project recorded from the iconic Abbey Road Studios hit the ears of Morgan Wallen fans this weekend. “Abbey Road Sessions” arrived on the one year anniversary of “One Thing At A Time” as a thank you to the fans. It features five live recordings from the album, the long awaited and unreleased “Lies, Lies, Lies” and a cover of Nothing But Thieves’ “Graveyard Whistling”.

1. Morgan Wallen – Thinkin’ Bout Me (Abbey Road Sessions)

2. Morgan Wallen – Lies, Lies, Lies (Abbey Road Sessions)

3. Morgan Wallen – Sunrise (Abbey Road Sessions)

4. Morgan Wallen – Everything I Love (Abbey Road Sessions)

5. Morgan Wallen – I Wrote The Book (Abbey Road Sessions)

6. Morgan Wallen – I Deserve A Drink (Abbey Road Sessions)

7. Morgan Wallen – Graveyard Whistling (Abbey Road Sessions)