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Source: Photo by Paul Natkin/Getty Images / Getty

he Nashville Network (TNN) launched on March 7, 1983, and quickly became a major player in the country music world. The cable network, which was owned by WSM Inc. (the company behind Nashville’s legendary WSM radio station), was dedicated to programming related to country music and Southern culture.

TNN’s programming included a mix of music videos, live concerts, and original shows. One of its most popular shows was “The Statler Brothers Show,” which featured the iconic country quartet performing their hits and hosting guest musicians.

In addition to music programming, TNN also featured shows focused on Southern lifestyle and culture, such as “Crook & Chase,” which highlighted the latest news and gossip from the country music scene, and “Nashville Now,” a talk show hosted by Ralph Emery that featured interviews with country music stars.

TNN quickly became a favorite of country music fans across the United States and helped to establish Nashville as the center of the country music universe. The network’s reach expanded rapidly, eventually becoming available in over 70 million homes across the country.

Although TNN was eventually rebranded as The National Network (TNN) and later Spike TV, its legacy as a pioneer in country music television remains. The network helped to launch the careers of many country music stars, provided a platform for established musicians to reach new audiences, and brought the sounds and culture of the American South into living rooms across the country