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According to a recent study, a good one of these will cost the average Indiana couple $96.54.


Date night out


A decent night out on the town should cost the average Indiana couple just under $100. The puts us 27th on the list of states with a good date night in New York topping the list at $297.27. Across the border in New Jersey a decent date will set you back $259.60, the second highest in the country. If you’re looking for a cheap date night out, a good time in South Dakota will cost you just $38.27, slightly less than the second cheapest of $42.43 in North Dakota. Indiana also ranked 42nd in number of arts, entertainment and recreation establishments and 40th in number of restaurants (both of those per 100,000 residents). What’s your idea of a good date night? How much does it usually cost you?

– Dave O’Brien


Photo Credit: Voyagerix/ Thinkstock