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Everyone knows that parenting isn’t easy (even for celebrity parents). That’s why great parenting advice can go a long way! These country artist parents shared some of their best parenting advice that not only relates to other celebrity parents, but to any parent. Take a look and see what parenting advice you can pick up from your favorite country artists. 


Brad Paisley 

Brad Paisley is father to two sons, Huck and Jasper. According to Taste Of Country, when Carrie Underwood asked Brad Paisley for parenting advice, he told CMT his honest answer, “I have no clue what to tell her.” Sometimes you don’t have all the answers and that’s okay! 


Brett Young

Brett Young and his wife Taylor Mills are expecting a baby girl in early fall of this year. According to, Brett Young told US*99 the best parenting advice he has received is, “You just have to roll with it, it’s your child, it’s your life, and part of the genius in it is it just makes sense the second you meet your child. You start doing it on your own, you start reacting naturally to the situation, and you figure out your way.”