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A couple weeks ago, we were talking with Jimmie Allen about our upcoming Franciscan Health ACOUSTIC STARS & GUITARS show and how making all that great music is going. 

We had heard that Jimmie had a heart attack at the young age of 21, so we asked him about it. [Hear interview below]

Yes. This young, vibrant seemingly healthy person had a heart condition that ran in his family. Naturally we thought, if Jimmie can experience this… anyone can.  So we made the plan for Mindy to get a heart scan and for Caleb to get a heart risk assessment at Franciscan Health.  After all, it can’t hurt right? Seemed like the National Heart Health Month thing to do. 


After we checked it out, our team in the office asked us what it was like…


MINDY, how was your experience?:

“So first off, I was extremely impressed with the complimentary valet parking offered as it was pouring down rain. The attendants were very accommodating. 

The whole experience was quick, easy and informative. I wasn’t in their system, so literally the longest part was simply getting registered. ​ Every staff member displayed genuine care as they walked me through the process. They thoroughly explained each step, and it was incredible how quickly they were able to produce the results!  In addition to receiving my heart scan, cholesterol and glucose results, they also did a BMI measurement to determine my metabolic rate and my percentage of fat vs muscle mass.  The entire process took only about 30 minutes (half of that again was the registration process!) and I felt completely educated about the various numbers that were revealed, as well as their impact and importance in overall health. Plus getting all that for only $49?  Super reasonable way to gain access to this valuable information and begin a preventative plan, if necessary.  A sweet bonus was the Starbucks near the cardiac screening area that I was able to grab as soon as we were finished (since I hadn’t had my coffee yet that day.) haha!  Overall, it was a VERY pleasant experience thanks to the staff and their highly-efficient technology!”

So Mindy, are you glad you did it?
“Absolutely!! It felt good to know that I’m doing some stuff right because my numbers came out great and my heart scan was completely clear. Total relief!!”



CALEB, what about you?
“For me, hospitals are sometimes just as confusing as airports. But it was easy to find the Heart Center because they had a giant heart on the building! Didn’t seem like there was much of a wait at any of the offices I saw inside. Very efficient. Amy was cool. She was a good sport and played along with some social media content. She explained everything that I had tested in detail, and offered recommendations on how to get some of my numbers in a healthier range.”


To learn more about the Franciscan Health Screening Bundles or to see if you qualify, visit or call 833-238-0688.