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Willie Nelson, the man, the myth, the legend, turns 91 today, or was it yesterday?? When you’re as iconic as Willie, you get to double-dip in the birthday cake!

So, why the double celebration? Well, it all started with a little mix-up at the county courthouse. Willie was born just before midnight on April 29th, but due to some bureaucratic hoo-ha, his birth wasn’t officially registered until the 30th. Oops! But you know what Willie says? “I just do both days!”

But Willie’s birthday shenanigans didn’t start with a clerical error. Nope! He started the tradition when he joined the Air Force and had to deal with a pesky thing called a birth certificate. Turns out, according to the government, Willie was born on the 30th. But Willie and his family knew better. His cousin, who was there when Willie made his grand entrance into the world, spilled the beans: it was the 29th! So, now we get two days of Willie love.

“I was born before midnight on the 29th, but it didn’t get registered in the country courthouse until the next day, the 30th. So it went out officially as the 30th.” – Willie Nelson

Who wouldn’t want to celebrate Willie Nelson for two days straight? Heck, let’s make it a week! Or a month! As long as Willie’s around, every day feels like a party.

Cheers to you, Willie! Here’s to many more birthdays, however many you want!