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George Strait announced his big Texas show with Parker McCollum, but it turns out a handful of people heard about it a little early.

George announced it on Instagram last Tuesday. But Pat McAfee revealed that a roomful of people in Indiana heard about it a few days early and had Peyton Manning to thank.

Peyton hosted a big fundraiser gala for the Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis. Pat was there, and so was Parker.

On his YouTube show, Pat said that Peyton was doing a Q&A with them when he went off script and said to Parker, “You’re also doing a show with George Strait down at Texas A&M right?” Parker said it hadn’t been announced yet… but yes.

“We were at Peyton Manning’s Children Hospital Gala and Peyton Manning had a Q&A with me and Parker up there on stage. And Peyton had his questions written out in front of him, goes off script a little bit and says, ‘You’re also doing a show with George Strait down at Texas A&M right?’

And Parker goes, ‘Umm, that has not been announced yet, but yes.’ Peyton immediately afterwards goes, ‘Just stick to the f*****g script Peyton’ backstage.”