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Megan Moroney

Source: Cece Dawson / Megan Moroney; Photo by Cece Dawson

Megan Moroney unveils her latest heartbreak ballad, “28th of June,” adding to her collection of tear-jerkers.

“28th of June comes out tonight i hope everyone is ready to cry,” Moroney wrote to her fans just hours before the song’s official release.

This vulnerable offering commemorates what would have been an anniversary between Moroney and her past love. Co-written with Ben Williams, Mackenzie Carpenter, and Micah Carpenter, the song delves into the painful revelation of heartbreak resurging when the past is stirred up.

Known for wearing her heart on her sleeve, Moroney draws inspiration from past relationships for her music. “28th of June” captures one of the most difficult parts of moving on — the reminder of a lost anniversary on the calendar, marking a deep sadness instead of celebration.

In the opening verse, Moroney reminisces about the past anniversary, expressing the naive hope for forever. She reflects on how she still thinks about her past love, wonders about their happiness with someone new, and acknowledges that her pain will eventually fade, but not today.

“Just ’cause something’s good don’t mean it lasts,” she sings, recounting the gradual unraveling of their relationship. The song concludes with the bittersweet realization that what once was a day of celebration is now just another Tuesday.

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