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Spotlight: Megan Moroney

Source: Rebecca Sapp / Getty

Country sensation Megan Moroney recently faced criticism on TikTok regarding her stagewear, and her response was nothing short of empowering.

A TikTok user questioned Moroney’s choice of attire, asking, “why does she wear 3 yr old pageant clothes?” In a bold and confident move, the Georgia native fired back, quoting lyrics from her current single, “I’m Not Pretty,” while giving the unnamed troll a double middle finger. Moroney declared in the caption, “if I was a 3-year-old at a pageant u know id win that bish 💅🏼👑🖕🏼.”

“If I was a 3-year-old at a pageant u know id win that bish 💅🏼👑🖕🏼” – Megan Moroney

The video, set to the tune of “I’m Not Pretty,” featured the verse, “Girl, let me guess, you don’t like how I dress/ And you’re hating on the way I talk (bless your heart).” Fans rallied in support in the comments, urging Moroney to stay true to herself and ignore the haters. One user even noted, “She literally wrote a song about this hahaha.”

Moroney’s hit single, “I’m Not Pretty,” co-written with Ben Williams, Micah Carpenter, and Mackenzie Carpenter, is a relatable anthem addressing the scrutiny people face on social media. Moroney clarified that the song, inspired by a real-life spring break photo on her Instagram, is meant to be lighthearted but resonates with the universal experience of feeling judged online.

As fans continue to praise Moroney’s unapologetic attitude and resilience, “I’m Not Pretty” stands as more than just a song—it’s become an anthem empowering individuals to embrace their uniqueness despite online criticism.