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Lainey Wilson, the popular singer known for her hit “Heart Like A Truck,” recently confronted false advertisements circulating online, falsely claiming that she was endorsing weight loss gummy medication. Concerned fans initially believed the legitimacy of these gummies and their corresponding ads.

Upon learning about these misleading advertisements, Wilson swiftly took to her social media accounts to rectify the situation. She wasted no time in releasing a makeshift public service announcement through her platforms, addressing the issue directly. In her video, she expressed her frustration, stating that the claims about her using weight loss gummies and the subsequent transformation were entirely false.

Wilson emphasized that people would go to great lengths to make money, even if it meant spreading lies. She clarified that she had not received or used any weight loss gummies. If she had experienced any weight loss, it was solely due to her rigorous work ethic, including performing energetic hour and a half shows and constantly being on the move. Furthermore, she emphasized that her physical appearance had no bearing on her musical talent.

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With genuine concern for her fans, Wilson urged them not to waste their money on something that was not real. She advised against falling for such scams and encouraged her followers to report any fake advertisements they came across. Lightening the mood, she humorously suggested that it would be great if there were gummies that could make people tell the truth.

Wilson shared the video link as well as an alert in the caption, warning her fans about the fake ads and requesting their support in reporting them. It was amusing to see Wilson channel her inner Oprah Winfrey, referencing the iconic talk show host’s famous “you get a car, you get a car” phrase.

Interestingly, Wilson’s approach echoed a similar incident involving Oprah Winfrey from the previous year. The talk show host had also addressed a comparable issue in a video on her social media.

While searching for evidence of the fake Lainey Wilson weight loss gummies, it became apparent that many pages had been deleted or their links were no longer accessible. Hopefully, Wilson’s announcement played a role in curbing the spread of these fraudulent ads. However, in case anyone encounters such advertisements, it is advisable to bring them to Lainey’s attention.