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Jimmie Allen is facing serious allegations after his former manager filed a lawsuit accusing him of assault and sexual abuse. The accusations came to light weeks after Allen and his wife Alexis publicly announced their separation. In response to the troubling allegations, Alexis reached out to her fans, sharing a plea just days before the news broke.

Documents obtained by PEOPLE, with the initial report from Variety, reveal that Allen’s former manager, identified as Jane Doe, detailed multiple instances of alleged abuse over an 18-month period. The lawsuit claims that Allen forcibly imposed himself on her and subjected her to various forms of mistreatment.

Adding to the unfolding drama, Alexis, aged 27, took to her Instagram story earlier this week and posted a cryptic message seemingly directed towards Allen, who is 37 years old. Her words, “Continue the chaos while I heal in peace,” suggest her desire to find solace and move forward. The separation announcement, made a few weeks prior, marked the end of their nearly three-year marriage, during which they shared the news of an upcoming third child.

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Source: Instagram / LEXI ALLEN

In her Instagram story, Alexis also addressed the public’s interest and urged them not to use her social media platform as a means to discuss any third parties involved. She emphasized that her Instagram was not intended as a help line, asking people to refrain from messaging her regarding such matters. Together with Allen, she is the mother of two daughters, Zara James (18 months) and Naomi Bettie (3).