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Morgan Wallen made a surprising announcement on Monday, revealing what appears to be his first major brand partnership since his near-exile from the mainstream music industry in 2021. Wallen shared the exciting news with his community group, stating that he is teaming up with a new iced tea brand called Ryl Tea, which he discovered last summer and has been hooked on ever since.

In his message, Wallen described Ryl Tea as a zero-sugar iced tea made with all-natural ingredients that reminds him of the iced tea he used to drink as a kid at his grandmother’s house. He also included a link to an exclusive giveaway from the brand, generating buzz among his fans.

Ryl Tea, at the time of Morgan Wallen’s announcement, had a modest following of just 6,000 Instagram followers. However, with Wallen’s endorsement, that is likely to change rapidly, as he is considered the biggest star in country music today. This partnership could also be beneficial for Wallen, who has been lacking in brand endorsements since the controversy that nearly derailed his career in 2021. In fact, as far as can be determined, Ryl Tea is his first new brand partnership since the incident.

ryl tea

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Morgan’s fall from grace came after he was filmed by a neighbor using a racial slur during a heated altercation with friends. Despite his subsequent efforts to learn from his mistakes and apologize, he has remained largely ostracized from the mainstream music industry. However, this lack of mainstream support has not significantly impacted Wallen’s career, as he continues to be the top-selling country music artist of 2023 and has broken numerous records throughout 2022.

Morgan Wallen’s partnership with Ryl Tea comes at a time when he is striving to rebuild his image and move forward from the controversy. By aligning himself with Ryl Tea, a brand that promotes natural and wholesome products, Wallen may be seeking to connect with values such as wellness and self-care, and use his platform to promote positive change.

As with any celebrity endorsement, Wallen’s partnership with Ryl Tea has drawn both support and skepticism. Some fans may see it as a genuine effort by Wallen to make amends and move forward, while others may question the sincerity of his intentions. Nevertheless, the partnership has generated attention and discussion, highlighting the power of celebrity endorsements in influencing consumer behavior and promoting brands.