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waylon jennings

Source: (Photo by Tom Hill/Getty Images) / Getty

Waylon Jennings was one of the most influential country music artists of his time. He was known for his unique sound and style, which was a departure from the traditional country music of the era. On March 10th 1985, Jennings released his album “Will the Wolf Survive” on MCA Records, which became his sixth country number one album.

The album was named after a song by Los Lobos, a popular Chicano rock band, which Jennings covered on the album. The title track was a hit for Jennings, and it helped to establish him as a major force in the country music scene. The album also included other hits such as “Working Without a Net” and “Lonely Weekends.”

Waylon’s sound on “Will the Wolf Survive” was a departure from his earlier work, which had a more traditional country sound. The album had a more rock-oriented sound, with electric guitars and synthesizers. Jennings’ voice was also more expressive and nuanced than before, and he demonstrated his ability to interpret songs in a unique and compelling way.

“Will the Wolf Survive” was a critical and commercial success, and it helped to cement Jennings’ status as one of the greatest country music artists of his time. The album was a testament to Waylon Jennings willingness to take risks and try new things, and it proved that he was a versatile and innovative musician.