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After an explosion happened on Christmas morning in downtown Nashville, Tennessee, parts of Second Avenue were destroyed, including many businesses. Several of the businesses that were greatly affected by the explosion have started fundraisers to help with rebuilding and to support their employees. Nonprofits and the Red Cross have been stepping up since this tragic incident occurred to help residents and first responders.

Here’s how you can help those affected by the Christmas morning bombing in Nashville:

Donate to Red Cross

Red Cross has set up a reception center to help those who were affected during the explosion. Those who are interested in helping could donate through the  Red Cross online presence or 1-800-HELP NOW (1-800-435-7669). The donations will go towards helping out the residents and first responders who were affected by the Christmas morning explosion.

Donate to Box 55, to Help Out First Responders

Box 55 Association is a nonprofit that supplies emergency personal with food and drinks after major incidents. They were at the scene around 3:30 pm, Christmas Day handing out McDonald’s to the first responders. If you could like to directly help first responders, the group is seeking donations online.

Donate to Businesses That Were Affected GoFundMe Pages

Rodizio Grill- A Brazillian Steakhouse that was affected stated that 100% of the money raised through the GoFundMe will be given directly and quickly to the staff.

The Melting Pot-Their restaurant was heavily damaged so they have started a GoFundMe “to raise money for the team members and their family during this unfortunate time.”

The Old Spaghetti Factory- Started a GoFundMe stating that “every dollar will go directly to the staff to help them meet their basic financial needs.”
Bartella- They were hit hard and will have to rebuild their business from the ground up. It is a small family business that started a GoFundMe to “support the business owners and staff.”