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Our favorite way of counting down until Christmas is back…the ’12 Days of Prankmas’ with the Bryans! Caroline Bryan has been documenting all the pranks and boy, are we glad. Take a look below for some good laughs!


Pranksmas Day 1: “Luke convinced me that Tim Tebows’s Heisman was trashed and it was pretty much my fault! I think my blood pressure went to an all time high!!”

Pranksmas Day 2: ” Rise and Shine Motherclucker! 🐔”

Pranksmas Day 3: “The Hunt. I told Bo @officialbuckcommander wanted some hunting footage of him. Poor guy…I completely ruined his day! He’s still mad at me!!”

Pranksmas Day 4: “Pilot in Training. Today’s prank is on my sister in law Ellen @brightforbrett . Ellen cringes at any uncomfortable situation so I wanted to make this was super awkward- from meditating to PG “stripping”.”

Pranksmas Day 5: The Call -“My crazy friend @toddchrisley thought he was pranking my MIL @leclaire.bryan with a fake phone call about a leak in her home-BUT, she turned it around on him. Poor Todd tried to not break, but he cracked! I think he laughed for 20 minutes straight!”

Pranksmas Day 6 “We need a Plunger! A simple dinner turns vile! Poor @sweetladijane and @phillipsweet think their appetizer has killed @joshwolfcomedy sensitive belly!”

Pranksmas Day 7: The Classic Airhorn. I never get tired of this one

Day 8: “Employee of the Month. Nicole…she’s my right hand, left hand, eyes and ears. But, I’m the ass. I constantly mess with her with the help of the other crew @framigosperfecto .Merry Christmas Nicole! 😈 @nicolebobek

Day 9: Extras and Outakes. 🍑 🥸 🤡🤜🤛 👜 Here are just a few moments of the fun we had this Pranksmas!

Day 10: Payback! Can’t say I didn’t deserve it..


Day 11: PRANKSMAS WINNERS! Thank you to everyone who submitted your videos! Posting 5 more winners tomorrow😈

Day 12: PRANKSMAS WINNERS! thanks to everyone who submitted their pranks. I had no idea what a leek was until this video. #leekinthesink Merry Pranksmas everyone!! 😈🎄🎅



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Picture Credit: Caroline Bryan’s Instagram