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Gone West came about when Colbie Caillat, multiple grammy winner, and her fiance, Justin Kawika Young, (11 #1 Hawaiian songs) decided to move to Nashville. There, they had what felt like a “homeocming” with Caillat’s recording artist, co-writer, and friend Jason Reeves and his wife, songwriter and Academy of Country Music Award nominee, Nelly Joy.

There was a familiarity between the four friends that was enjoyed from their 14-year history of making music together. As Young states, “We’ve all been on tour and written songs together, so starting this band was organic and fun.” Gone West had the opportunity to go on an acoustic tour so they took their friendship on the road. “We realized how much fun touring could be when you have your best friends, and significant other – and dogs on the road and onstage with you,” Caillat remembers.

According to Gone West “Life isn’t always perfect, but when you’re Gone West, you can find the silver lining, the golden sunset, the lemonade in those moments that often pull us down.” Read more at

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