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According to a new survey, Americans are expected to spend $825 million on fireworks for the 4th of July, $6.9 billion on food and $1.6 billion on this. 


Beer and wine and other alcohol


$825 million worth of fireworks and $1.6 billion worth of alcohol sounds like a winning combination! Be careful this 4th of July if you plan to mix the two. We are expected to eat 150 million hot dogs and almost as many hamburgers. A new survey ranks New York as the number one city to celebrate the 4th of July, followed by Los Angeles, Chicago, Denver and Seattle. What?!? I always thought my hometown of Washington, D.C. did up a pretty good 4th of July and Indianapolis certainly knows how to celebrate with the IPL Downtown Freedom Fest presented by Anthem. (We’ll see you there!) What else are you plans this 4th of July?

– Dave O’Brien



Photo Credit: Slphotography/ Thinkstock