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According to a new survey, 74{a18c87a46add82dbee5e4fa4c0cab30d5f6e3bbf78c3f52c3c01413f7f531a16} of people who live in the Midwest, have never visited this Midwestern landmark.


The Gateway Arch in St. Louis


Only about 55{a18c87a46add82dbee5e4fa4c0cab30d5f6e3bbf78c3f52c3c01413f7f531a16} of Hoosiers have taken a summer vacation so far this year but you don’t have to travel far to have a little adventure! If you’re not up for going to Florida or somewhere more exotic, there are some sights in the Midwest but 74{a18c87a46add82dbee5e4fa4c0cab30d5f6e3bbf78c3f52c3c01413f7f531a16} of Midwesterners have never even been to the St. Louis Gateway Arch, a National Park right down the road. 49{a18c87a46add82dbee5e4fa4c0cab30d5f6e3bbf78c3f52c3c01413f7f531a16} of Midwesterners have never been to Chicago, another great, close-by destination. We’re not alone though – 59{a18c87a46add82dbee5e4fa4c0cab30d5f6e3bbf78c3f52c3c01413f7f531a16} of people who live in New England have never had a Maine lobster and 76{a18c87a46add82dbee5e4fa4c0cab30d5f6e3bbf78c3f52c3c01413f7f531a16} of Californians have never visited Alcatraz in San Francisco. The top reasons people gave for not venturing out were a lack of time and a lack of money. My family and I love to travel locally if we get a free weekend. We’ve been to the Gateway Arch and to Chicago. What are some of your favorite Midwestern destinations?

– Dave O’Brien


Photo Credit: monkeybusinessimages/ Thinkstock