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According to a new survey, 82{a18c87a46add82dbee5e4fa4c0cab30d5f6e3bbf78c3f52c3c01413f7f531a16} of American homes have one of these and 72{a18c87a46add82dbee5e4fa4c0cab30d5f6e3bbf78c3f52c3c01413f7f531a16} of the time it is used by the man of the household.


A grill


Even though men man the grill 72{a18c87a46add82dbee5e4fa4c0cab30d5f6e3bbf78c3f52c3c01413f7f531a16} of the time, 51{a18c87a46add82dbee5e4fa4c0cab30d5f6e3bbf78c3f52c3c01413f7f531a16} of women say they are the better griller in the family! I always man the grill in our house. I’m not sure if my wife thinks she has better skills but she hasn’t touched the grill in years. The number one item that gets grilled? Hamburgers, followed by chicken, hotdogs and steak. Millennials are most likely to Google a grilling recipe or grilling tips. This weekend should be perfect for grilling! What are you planning to throw on the grill?

– Dave O’Brien


Photo Credit: KucherAV/ Thinkstock