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According to a new study, the average American worker spends 1,700 hours every year in front of one of these.


A computer screen


That works out to about 6.5 hours every day staring at a computer screen. That’s a lot of eye, neck and back strain. 37{a18c87a46add82dbee5e4fa4c0cab30d5f6e3bbf78c3f52c3c01413f7f531a16} of workers say they regularly get headaches from the strain and 50{a18c87a46add82dbee5e4fa4c0cab30d5f6e3bbf78c3f52c3c01413f7f531a16} say their eyes get sore. 57{a18c87a46add82dbee5e4fa4c0cab30d5f6e3bbf78c3f52c3c01413f7f531a16} of workers say they try to take regular breaks to get away from the computer. I spend at least 7 or 8 hours in front of a computer every day. That’s why I have to get out and walk the dog or go to the horse barn! How long do you spend in front of one?

– Dave O’Brien


Photo Credit: FS-Stock/ Thinkstock