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According to a new study, doing this for only two days a week can be hazardous to your health and experts recommend doing it for at least three days per week.


Not working – having a weekend


A new study out of England has found that the two day weekend is actually hazardous to our health because it messes up our sleep rhythm. When you sleep in just two days in a row, your body is less able to deal with the return to your normal schedule on Monday. As a result, most people are tired, grumpy and less productive to start off the week. The researchers found that an extra day of sleeping in actually better prepared the body for the return to a normal schedule. Some companies in New Zealand who switched to a four day workweek have found that their employees are more productive and happier with the regular three day weekend. Did you have a three day weekend this weekend? Do you feel better at work this morning? Or would you rather have a four or five day weekend?!?

– Dave O’Brien


Photo Credit: nd3000/ Thinkstock