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According to a recent survey, the number one regret the majority of people have about how they looked in the past, has to do with this.


A past hairstyle


Whether it was a perm or a mullet or bangs or big 80’s hair, bad hairstyles are the number one regret people have about their look in the past. 66{f08af400499f49ebebec43b71545de24d0cbb35d14a8bc084edd71717d793f40} of people regret something about their look in the past with poor clothing choices just behind bad hairstyles. I did not have a mullet but I definitely had some longer hair in the back and I really wanted a “rat tail” when I was about 14. Thankfully, my parents were a little more level headed and denied the request. What kind of hairstyle haunts your past? What other regrets do you have about a past look?
– Dave O’Brien