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Memphis has a lot to say at bathtime! Problem is… his words are getting lost in translation.

Jason Aldean posted a video of his son, Memphis, hanging out in the tub chattin’ his dad’s ear off, but he was speaking in this language known as “Toddler Talk”—adults can’t figure out what they’re saying, but the kiddos are VERY confident in their story.

Jason asked for help translating and his fans have accepted the challenge. We’ve seen responses saying they heard something about “McDonald’s,” “He wants bubbles all the way to the ceiling,” and “He wants to be a big star (like his daddy).”


From what I could hear…

“There was a BIG storm.

But it’s no more.

The summer misses it.

Then the sun rises.


I’m guessing the storm came back? That’s deep, dude.


What do you think? Do we have another songwriter on our hands? Sounds like a hit to me!