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Rebecca Maitland, 43, is a stay-at-home mom who loves homeschooling her kids, music, traveling and being active. On August 31, 2018, life was turned upside down for Rebecca when she found out she had breast cancer. “I’m a pretty healthy person. I know it’s cliche to say that it’s not supposed to happen to me,” she said while holding back tears. “…but it did.”

Rebecca’s husband, Caleb, is a musician in a duo called the Aberdeen Band, who wrote a song about Rebecca’s journey called “Faith”. “The song that Jordan wrote through this is literally our testimony,” Caleb said.

“…I’ve never witnessed such a strong, brave, courageous person,” Jordan, Aberdeen Band member, said. “I wanted to write a song for her that embodied what she’d been able to be. I sat down and just starting writing about the support that they’ve talked about—their small group, their family, this journey. If there was an example of having faith that make mountains shake….Rebecca was the epitome of what that was.”

Video of "Faith" by Aberdeen


What type of breast cancer did/do you have?

Lobular carcinoma, Stage 2 (in lymphnodes).


How did you find out you had breast cancer?

There was a small lump and a 3D mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy confirmed it.

On August 31, 2018, Rebecca was diagnosed.

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What was the treatment plan? Lumpectomy, mastectomy, plastic surgery, radiation, chemotherapy?

On September 26, 2018, Rebecca had a double-mastectomy to reduce risks of breast cancer and on October 31, 2018, she started her four rounds of chemo.

“I love healthy foods and I try not to eat junk. Chemo was terrifying for me—putting that poison into my body.”

She lost her hair after the second treatment, but she felt it was the best choice and it wasn’t as bad as expected. Later on she had reconstructive surgery for implants and she’s currently on Tamoxifen and doing well! She even ran the “She Power” 5K post-treatment!


Who were your caregivers at Franciscan Health Cancer Center?

Dr. Ranieri (primary), Dr. Meyer, Dr. Raghavendra and Garrett for radiation. “The nursing staff was amazing!”


What are some of the high/low points during your journey?

“My husband was amazing! We took many trips to the beach following treatment, including Mackinac Island (as a couple). We never lost our joy.”


  • Didn’t have to shave
  • Great treatment from [Franciscan Health Cancer Center&#93 staff
  • Support from church community at The Creek on Franklin Road and faith in Jesus
  • Small group in music video “Faith”


  • Hair loss
  • Fear of mastectomy
  • Losing your intimacy, femininity


Why would you recommend Franciscan Health for cancer treatment?

“The staff was excellent! We knew each other by name. It was such a personal experience. They knew our entire family.”


What advice would they give to women about cancer prevention?

“Get your breast exam,” Rebecca advises. “Be familiar with your body and take care of yourself. Eat well. Drink water. Travel. Just live your best life.”


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Photo Credit: LenaSkor / Getty Images, Franciscan Health / Rebecca Maitland