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Source: Terry Wyatt / Getty

Kenny Chesney just recently told a silly story about Peyton Manning in an interview.

Kenny said, “Peyton and I have been friends a very long time…there was two summers where Peyton, it was like his rookie year with the Colts… went out on the tour bus with us for a couple weekends.”

Peyton, a soon-to-be NFL all-star, just wanted to party with Kenny on his tour bus, right?

Kenny then said, “And [when Peyton was there] we’d have one extra guy on stage. He would be up there with a guitar… He wasn’t even plugged in… And he wouldn’t even change chords.

“You have to change chords during a song, but Peyton would never change. He would just keep [his hands] in one spot. He couldn’t even fake it.”

And this is the best part. Kenny said, “The audience would be looking around, like, wow that guy looks familiar…And then I would introduce him as Peyton Manning, and people would go crazy.”