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Luke Combs has demonstrated his commitment to his fans by swiftly responding to a legal issue involving Nicol Harness, a supporter facing a lawsuit over unauthorized homemade merchandise. Combs has launched a new tumbler, with all net proceeds dedicated to supporting Harness and her family.

In a remarkable display of solidarity, Luke Combs wasted no time in making good on his promise to support Nicol Harness after learning about the lawsuit. The country star initiated a pre-sale for a brand-new tumbler through his official online store, with all proceeds earmarked for Harness and her family.

The newly released 14 oz tumbler, available for pre-order at $20 plus shipping, features various designs showcasing Luke Combs’ logo, images of the artist, and his Gettin’ Old album cover. The product comes with a lid and is expected to ship in early February 2024.

Fans flooded Combs’ social media with messages of gratitude, praising him for taking swift action to rectify the situation. Comments ranged from acknowledging his generosity to expressing admiration for his character. One fan stated, “You’re a beautiful soul,” while another remarked, “Sure wish we had more like you in this world!”

The legal predicament stemmed from a news report indicating that Nicol Harness faced a $250,000 lawsuit for allegedly selling 18 tumblers for $20 each, totaling $380. Harness, dealing with congestive heart failure and unable to work a regular job, expressed the stress caused by the situation. Combs, upon learning about the issue, dedicated himself to resolving it promptly.

Luke Combs expressed his shock upon discovering the lawsuit, emphasizing his commitment to rectifying the situation. He clarified that his company typically targets large corporations involved in counterfeiting, and it was unfortunate that Nicol Harness got entangled in such matters. Combs assured fans that he was taking immediate action to address the situation.

Combs reached out to Nicol Harness, promising to send her a check for $11,000, twice the amount locked in her Amazon account. He also vowed to meet her and her family during his 2024 tour, expressing his desire to apologize in person. Combs underscored his genuine concern for his fans, reiterating that money is not his priority.

The launch of the new tumbler not only provides tangible support for the fan but also reinforces Combs’ commitment to integrity and accountability in his interactions with supporters. Visit Luke Combs’ website to pre-order the tumbler and contribute to this positive cause.