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Source: Instagram / Shay / Thomas Rhett

Country stars Thomas Rhett and Shay Mooney shared a heartwarming Halloween moment by dressing up as Bowser, the beloved video game character, along with their families. In a delightful display of family togetherness, Shay Mooney, part of the country duo Dan + Shay, was the first to share a video wearing the Bowser costume while playing the piano. His wife, Hannah Mooney, joined in the fun as Princess Peach, holding their newest addition, baby Abram Shay, dressed as Toad. Their older sons, Asher and Ames, dressed as Mario and Luigi, completing the Super Mario Bros. ensemble.

The video, posted on October 29, received an outpouring of enthusiastic comments from friends and fans, including Abby Smyers, Brittney Spencer, and Alana Springsteen. Not to be outdone, Thomas Rhett followed suit on October 30, donning the same Bowser costume and playing a song from the Super Mario Bros. Movie soundtrack. Thomas Rhett’s said in his caption ” Shay Mooney, we’re on the same wavelenght.” Rhett’s daughter, Ada James, was all smiles dressed as Princess Peach, sitting beside her countrystar dad while their other children could be heard playing in the background.

Instagram users couldn’t contain their excitement, declaring it a “core memory” for Ada James. The adorable family Halloween celebration brought joy to both artists’ fans and showcased their tight-knit families’ love for fun and togetherness.