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In the early hours of Friday, fans and followers of acclaimed folk-country artist Zach Bryan were given an unexpected glimpse into his life as he took to social media to share a candid account of the events leading up to his arrest the previous Thursday in Oklahoma. The musician, currently riding high on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, provided a nearly five-minute narrative in which he openly discussed his arrest and took responsibility for his actions during the ordeal.

Bryan’s arrest unfolded during an encounter with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, an incident he acknowledged he “acted like a child” in. After being taken into custody, he found himself at the Craig County Sheriff’s Office in Vinita, Oklahoma, where he was booked on a charge described as “obstruction of investigation,” according to the sheriff’s office’s online records.

To provide context to the arrest, Bryan began his video narrative by recounting events that took place a day prior when he was pulled over for speeding in Oklahoma. His intention in sharing these details was to preempt any sensationalism or misrepresentation of the situation on the internet.

Bryan admitted that during the speeding incident, he initially refused to provide his address when asked by the officer. Citing concerns about his privacy as a musician, he hesitated. This refusal led to an uncomfortable situation where he was briefly handcuffed before ultimately giving in and providing his address. Bryan expressed his frustration, saying, “It frustrated me a lot because I didn’t know if I had a right to refuse him my address or not.”

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The following day, on Thursday, Bryan and his security guard found themselves pulled over in Vinita, Oklahoma, as they were en route to Boston. While Bryan was waiting for the traffic stop to conclude, he exited his vehicle to smoke a cigarette. It was during this moment that police instructed him to return to his vehicle or face arrest.

In his own words, Bryan admitted to responding inappropriately, saying, “Like a dumbass, I said, ‘Take me to (expletive) jail? What do you mean?'” This verbal exchange escalated to the point where Bryan was placed in handcuffs and detained in a patrol vehicle. He acknowledged his anger and described how he repeatedly interrupted the officer, ultimately leading to his arrest.

Throughout his recounting of the events, Bryan openly expressed regret for his behavior, acknowledging that he did not handle the situation appropriately. “I didn’t help my situation at all. I felt like a child,” he admitted.

Following his arrest, Zach Bryan spent several hours in the Craig County jail, facing a charge of obstruction of investigation. Under Oklahoma state law, this charge is defined as “willfully delaying or obstructing any public officer in the discharge or attempt to discharge any duty of his office.” It is categorized as a misdemeanor in the state, and physical force is not required for the charge to apply.

Check out the full video of his statement below: