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Mother’s Day is right around the corner! This Mother’s Day, we wanted to give a special shout-out and acknowledgment to one of Country Music’s most fun and hilarious mothers, LeClaire Bryan! Not only does she know how to “Crash a Party” but she is also always down to “Drink a Beer,” pull a prank, and have a good time! She is a born entertainer, just like her son, Luke Bryan!

We’ve gathered up some of the best pictures and videos of this fabulous and funny mother! Take a look below but warning, you WILL end up wanting to be her best friend!

One Floatie, two floatie, three floatie, splash! 


She is always down to “Drink a Beer!”


She sure knows how to “Crash a Party” anytime!

Luke Byran must have gotten it from his mama because she knows how to dance just as well as the country singer!




“Most People are Good’ at pranking, but she’s a champ at getting pranked! 



And of course, she knows how to give the pranks right back! 


Header Picture Credit: Luke Bryan’s Instagram Page