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Kane and Katelyn Brown are GOALS! They slay as a family, on Instagram Reels, and on TikTok!

The two married in 2018 and had their first daughter, Kingsley, in 2019. When quarantine hit, the family took to Instagram and TikTok.  They’ve shown the world a more intimate look at what really goes on at the Brown’s house. Spoiler alert! It involved a lot of laughs, pranks, and baby giggles! It is impossible to watch their videos without breaking into laughter yourself!

Take a look below at some of the best moments with the Browns!

When You Realize Katelyn is Terrified of E.T.

The Spelling Game

Kane Knows Kingsley’s Funny Bone

How Old Would You Be?!

Kane’s Got Dance Moves for Days

Katelyn is that You?!

Cocomelon, Every Kid’s Dream

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Picture Credit: Katelyn’s Instagram Page