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Naming a kid can be hard. It can be tough finding a name with meaning and uniqueness to it. Luckily with so many Country Stars providing us with adorable names recently like Lennon Rhett and Huckleberry Houser, finding names isn’t as difficult as it once was. To help you find the perfect name for your new bundle of joy, we’ve come up with a list of unique country themed baby names!

Lennon- Dear One, Lover

Leena- Sun Ray, Tender, Delicate

Dolly- Gift of God

Miranda- Marvelous, Worthy of Admiration

Faith- Confidence, Trust, Belief

Paisley- Church

Posie- He will add, Floral

Hazel- Comes from Hazelnut Tree

Loretta- Honor,  Victory

Shania- I’m on my way

Kingsley- The King’s Meadow

Delilah- Delight, Flirt, Delicate


Tennessee- The River of Great Bends

Willa- Resolute Protection

River- Stream of Water that Flows

Raquel- Female Sheep

Jolene- Beautiful

Eisele- Strong

Evelyn- Wished for Child

Justice- Upright, Righteous

Takoda- Friend to Everyone

Ryker- Powerful Ruler, RichMemphis- Established, Beautiful

Navy- Fleet of Ships, To Protect People

Bellamy- Fine Friend

Huckleberry- Sweet Berry

Bentley -From the Ben-Grass Field

Grayson- Son of a Steward

Trace- Brave

Hayden- Fire

Garth- Groundskeeper, Enclosure

Wyatt- Brave in War

Hank- Estate Ruler

Waylon- Land Beside the Road

Darius- Kingly

Austin- Great, Magnificent

Boone- Good, a Blessing

Cash- Maker of Chests

Oliver- Olive Tree

Knox- Round Hill

Jagger- Pack

Carter- Transporter of Goods by Cart

Denver- Green Valley


Image Credit: Getty Images/ Katrinaelana