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  • Dan Pantos

    6:00am - 12:00pm

    HOMETOWN: Is a place where someone originates from.  Usually a borough, village, town, or city.
    CAREER HISTORY:  to long to report
    FAVE LIVE MUSIC VENUE:  My truck!  I can sing as loud and as off key as I want
    FAVORITE CONCERT I’VE EVER BEEN TO:  My favorite concert, to this day was Alabama!
    INTERESTS: My interests include readin’, ritin’, and restlin’
    MOVIES:  With a little one around the house, I’d have to say my favorite movie is Toy Story 3.  Woody and Jessie are awesome!
    TELEVISION:  yup…got a couple of ’em
    HEROES:  My hero is Mr. Locke….the stories that man tells!
    BOOKS OR MAGAZINES:  Magazines….they have more pictures!
    LITTLE KNOWN FACT ABOUT ME:  Something about me that not a lot of people know is that I like Crown Royal!  Huge fan!  I’ll occassionaly have a glass of water too!
    COOLEST CELEBRITY I EVER MET:  Any kid that is a Make-A-Wish kid is a celebrity to me!
    ADDICTION:  Crown Royal!
    FAVE LOCAL BARS:  Taylor’s Pub II or Taylor’s Pub II or Taylor’s Pub II (86th & Westfield)
    FAVE LOCAL RESTAURANTS:  La Margaritta or anyplace that has a buffet!
    FAVE LOCAL HANG OUT:  My back patio!  It’s a special place!  It’s peaceful there with the birds chirping, squirrel’s chomping, chipmunks running, dog’s barking, raccoons fighting…….
    DREAM VACATION: My dream vacation is headin’ out to Driftwood, PA.  No cell phone reception, good food, great company, and lots and lots and lots of nature!
    FAVE ESCAPE:  With all the room I’ve got floatin’ around in my head….I don’t have to go far!
    FAVE THING ABOUT WORK:  My favorite thing about work is that I get a paycheck!
    PRIZED POSSESSIONS:  My prized possessions are ANYTHING that my wife wants me to get rid of and I’ve hidden them so it doesn’t end up in a Goodwill box!
    HOW I SPEND MY FREE TIME:  We have an almost 3 year old at home so my free time is spent playing with blocks, watching Dora, playing kitchen, watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, jumping on beds, watching Go, Diego, Go!, playing wiffle ball in the house, watching Imagination Movers, playing with anything that makes a loud noise……….
    LIKE TO COOK?  Lamb!  I make a mean Leg of Lamb!
    PET PEEVE:  People who chew food with their mouth open!  I’m getting irked just thinking about it! And high gas prices!
    PETS:  We have a dog Dakota!
    THREE NAMES I GO BY:   LOL!  Like I can put them here.  I’m sure there are more than 3 that people call me, so we’ll just stick with Dan!
    THREE THINGS THAT SCARE ME:  1)  Running out of Crown Royal   2)  Running out of toilet paper in times of need   3)  numbers 1 & 2 happening at the same time
    THREE OF MY EVERYDAY ESSENTIALS:  1) a kiss and a hug from my wife and daughter  2)  Coffee first thing in the morning   3)  Crown Royal in the evening
    THREE THINGS TO DO BEFORE I DIE:   1)  Become potty trained    2)  to skydive   3)  and to grow a freakin’ tomato plant that fruits more than a couple of tomatoes!

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  • Sean Matthews

    6:00pm - 12:00am

    MattBarnettSean Matthews

    Saturday and Sunday Nights 6PM – 12AM

    Here’s my story.  I was born in Peru Indiana and grew up in the middle of 29 acres of woods with four other brothers. We had a barn, a cow and chickens. Take “The Waltons”, stir in “Little House on the Prairie”, dump it out in 1974 and that’s where you’d find me.
    My Grandfather was a HAM radio operator, so I’m guessing watching him put on headphones and talk into a microphone had something to do with where I am today. We moved to Kokomo when I was eleven and the local radio station was only a small bike ride away. After pestering them for seven years, I got my first radio job while still in high school. I’ve pretty much stayed in Indiana, working in Kokomo, Fort Wayne and Indianapolis, with a brief stop in Dayton Ohio.

    HOMETOWN: Noblesville

    CAREER HISTORY: WWKI, WZWZ, 1350 WIOU – Kokomo. WSHW – Frankfort. WKLR and WIBC – Indianapolis. WJLT/WLDE – Fort Wayne. 1290 WHIO and WHKO – Dayton Ohio.

    FAVORITE CONCERT I’VE EVER BEEN TO: Easy. Kenny Rogers in the round at Market Square Arena, 1982. It was the first time I ever came to Indy. We drove around Monument Circle and I had no idea I was looking at my future.

    TELEVISION: I’m a huge fan of CBS’ classic 1970s Saturday night “Murderer’s Row” lineup: All In The Family, Mary Tyler Moore Show, Bob Newhart Show, Carol Burnett. And M*A*S*H. And I never missed an episode of “The Office.” (that’s what she said).

    MOVIES: I go for the classics: Sunset Boulevard, Double Indemnity, Casablanca. Raiders of the Lost Ark, Star Wars. My favorite film has to be the dust covered classic western: “The Good The Bad And The Ugly.”

    LITTLE KNOWN FACT ABOUT ME: I love to write.

    ADDICTION: I’m an avid NFL jersey collector. The classic stuff.

    FAVORITE LOCAL JOINTS: Acapulco Joes, Iaria’s Italian Restaurant, Bynum’s Steak House.

    FAVORITE THING ABOUT WORK: I love what I do. When you love what you do, is it ever really work?

    TYPICAL BREAKFAST: Two eggs, three strips of bacon, gallon of water. Every morning. And coffee.

    THREE THINGS TO DO BEFORE I DIE: Have more fun. Become a Dad. Own my own restaurant.

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