REMINDER: Police departments across the country are reminding residents not to ring in the New Year by firing a gun into the air. The simple fact is that what goes up must come down, and sometimes people are struck and seriously hurt by falling bullets.Last year, a woman in Raleigh, NC and a 9-year-old boy […]

Woke up this morning to a revamped version of Mindy’s favorite holiday song. It’s been 25 years since Mariah Carey released “All I Want For Christmas”.  Mariah, dressed in a Santa bodysuit, is seen in a store window at the beginning of the video, as a little girl peers through and eventually enters a Winter […]

Are you familiar with the term “porch pirate” yet? It’s someone who steals packages from people’s porches while they’re not home. Now you need to keep a better eye on your food delivery driver, because there have been incidents of them snagging neighbors packages after making the delivery.  I’m ringing the shame bell at this woman […]

1. Dark Water 2. Deep Water  3. Unknown Creatures No. no. NO!!! Why do they have to walk across the bottom of the ocean 7 miles underwater? I can deal with little possessed dolls or even Nightmare On Elm St, but I CAN NOT… I repeat… CAN NOT deal with water at night.    Photo […]

Luke and Caroline Bryan might have the best Christmas tradition with their hilarious “12 Days of Panksmas.” If you didn’t keep up with the pranks or just need a good laugh, check out all 12 days of pranks below. You might even gain some inspiration for you own 12 Days of Pranksmas for next year! […]

Yep…Chills! Can’t wait to see this one when it drops this summer!

Mindy knows she’s basic by choosing Mariah Carey’s – All I Want For Christmas as her favorite Christmas song of all time! Not only is it the ultimate toe tapper for Mindy, but it’s also in one of her favorite holiday movies, “Love Actually”.    I like Mariah, but I just don’t think it’s as […]

Every week Mindy finds someone in the news that has done something to make you raise your eyebrow. We call them HANK’S Hilljack of the week. This week we obtained a video of a lady filling Kroger grocery bags with gasoline… umm and then putting them in her trunk. Kids… this is not the proper […]

Just so you know, the woman who played the wife so many people were worried about in the holiday Peloton commercial is just fine. Monica Ruiz spoke about the viral ad on Thursday’s Today show. Social media blew up with comments about the commercial where a husband gave his wife a stationary bike for Christmas. In the […]

A woman in Lenexa, Kansas has turned on her Christmas lights and turned off some of her neighbors. 24-year-old Shelby Gash created a naughty display on her roof. Most people knew what it was but a local news station asked her directly. Gash said the Christmas lights are shaped like, “A giant glowing d***.” Initially, […]