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Source: Teddy Photos / Instagram

In a surprising turn of events, two musical powerhouses, Luke Combs and Ed Sheeran, have forged a friendship that extends beyond their mutual admiration for each other’s talents. Although they come from different musical backgrounds, the country star and the English-born pop singer-songwriter have discovered common ground and are taking their friendship to new heights.

Recently, Luke Combs took it upon himself to introduce Sheeran to one of country music’s cherished pastimes: shotgunning a beer. The pair found themselves on a peaceful patio at sunset, cans of Miller Lite in hand, as Combs gave a masterclass in the art of shotgunning. Sheeran graciously shared the experience on his Instagram, providing fans with a glimpse into their unlikely bonding session.

As the video begins, Sheeran sets the stage for his followers. “Alright, for context, Luke is—what is it, shooting?” he asks the camera, seeking clarification. Combs steps in with a gentle correction, saying, “Shotgunning,” while demonstrating how to puncture the bottom of his beer can. Sheeran proceeds to explain the purpose of the lesson, humorously admitting, “Luke is teaching me how to shotgun a beer.”

Combs then delves into the nuances of the technique, emphasizing the importance of the can’s positioning. “You wanna be mindful of where your top is… you want this pointing at the sky,” he instructs Sheeran. Combs, ever the gentleman, offers to go first to demonstrate the process, but Sheeran boldly suggests they shotgun their beers simultaneously.

This lighthearted cross-cultural exchange between friends sparked a delightful interaction in the comments section of Sheeran’s post. Combs playfully acknowledges Sheeran’s British background, raising his metaphorical glass with the comment, “Cheers, mate! (Did I do that right? Haha).” Their camaraderie shines through, showcasing the warmth and respect they share as artists from different corners of the world.

While their offstage bond continues to blossom, Sheeran and Combs have a history of successful onstage collaborations. At the 2023 ACM Awards, they captivated audiences with a joint performance of Sheeran’s “Life Goes On,” marking Sheeran’s debut on the ACMs stage. This memorable event followed their earlier collaboration at the Country 2 Country Festival in 2021 when Combs surprised fans by bringing Sheeran out as a special guest for a rendition of his hit song “Dive.”

It seems Ed Sheeran’s interest in country music extends beyond these collaborations. In an interview with Billboard ahead of his ACMs appearance, he revealed his aspirations to explore the country genre. “I talk about this to my wife all the time. I would love to transition into country,” Sheeran confessed. He expressed admiration for the culture and songwriting in country music, emphasizing its brilliance.

Listen to their recent released collab to Sheeran’s song “Life Goes On” here: