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Source: Lainey Wilson and Ian Bohen [Image @ianbohen/Instagram]

Lainey Wilson’s fans who watched her portray Abby on the hit TV show Yellowstone were treated to her very first on-screen kissing scene with co-star Ian Bohen, who plays the charming cowboy Ryan. In a recent episode of Dutton Rules: A Yellowstone 1923 Podcast, Wilson revealed that although Bohen was an experienced actor, he made sure to respect her boundaries during the intimate scene.

As Lainey recalls, she was given a lot of technical direction before the kiss, which caught her off guard as she was new to that kind of stage. She jokingly compared it to the rules of Fight Club, but she did lay down some ground rules with Bohen. “I was like, do not put your tongue in my mouth.’ I told him that. Do not do that.” Bohen was understanding and the kiss ended up being sweet and genuine, with Wilson admitting she was nervous throughout the process but grateful that her anxiety didn’t show on screen. “(Bohen) made me so comfortable,” she added. “It wasn’t like a real-life kiss.”

Since their on-screen romance, Bohen has become a supporter of Wilson’s music career, showing up at events featuring her and introducing her music to others. Wilson considers him a champion and one of her biggest cheerleaders. As for the future of Yellowstone, Wilson didn’t have any news on when Season 5 may resume or if she’s involved, but she did mention that she’s caught the acting bug and will be looking for scripts that showcase her unique Louisiana accent.