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Brad Paisley is known for his amazing country music but the Country Star may have a new side gig- a hairdresser!

Kimberly Williams-Paisley, Brad’s wife, needed to have her roots dyed. With everything going on, hair salons have been closed. The Hallmark star did what many of us have had to do during quarantine, trust their significant other with their hair. Thankfully for us, she documented it all on Instagram!

In the video, you see their undeniable chemistry and hilarious relationship as the two joke back and forth. “This is going to ruin everything I’ve worked towards in my image, everything” Brad joked as he applied the hair dye.

She must be happy with results in the end because she posted a picture of herself smiling with her freshly dyed hair and a thumbs up! Brad may not be booking appointments in the future but he sure does give great results!