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We bet you can’t watch these Toddler Challenge videos without smiling! In the challenge, parents place their toddler’s favorite food in front of them, but the children are instructed not to eat it until the parent returns from the bathroom. Artists such as Thomas Rhett, Jason Aldean, Tyler Hubbard, and more have put their kids through the challenge. Watch the adorable videos below to see if their 2-year-olds resisted the temptation and passed the challenge!


Ada James Akins

Ada James is Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins middle daughter. Lauren placed a bowl of jelly beans in front of Ada to tempt her in the challenge. See if she succeeds below!


Memphis Aldean

Jason and Brittany Aldean’s son Memphis was temped in the challenge by a chocolate glazed doughnut with rainbow sprinkles. See if he succeeds in the challenge below!


Olivia Hubbard

Olivia Hubbard, the oldest daughter of Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard and his wife Hayley, waited patiently during the challenge for her chocolate chip reward. Watch below!


Beckett Scott

Watch Beckett, Dylan Scott and his wife Blair’s first born son, take on the toddler challenge with some fruit snacks below!


Forest Decker

Jessie James Decker and her husband Eric’s youngest son, Forest, completed the toddler challenge with a ring pop. Watch below!


How would your kids do at the toddler challenge??


Photo Credit: @brittanyaldean, @laur_akins, @hayley_hubbard / Instagram