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This quarantine has led to Thomas Rhett recording some amazing new songs at home that he has been posting to his Instagram account. This includes his latest song “Want it Again”. With these songs now stuck in everybody’s head, we are all left wondering the same thing: will these be on his next record?!

Thomas Rhett took to Instagram once again, this time to answer our question. He stated that he is leaving it up to a very special girl in his life to decide, Willa Gray! “A lot of people have been asking about these songs I’ve been posting, if they’re gonna be on the record or what. We don’t really know. It all depends on Willa Gray. If Willa Gray doesn’t like them, then they probably aren’t going to go on the record.” Rhett says. Willa then responds with “uh-huh, and I DO like them!”

Whether or not she ends up being the deciding factor on which songs make the album cut, the video alone is too cute not to watch.

Check out the whole conversation, involving princess crowns, and his new song “Want it Again”,  below!


“Want it Again” is a song by Thomas Rhett that he has played on his Instagram but may be on his future album (if Willa Gray agrees to it)!

Picture Credit: Thomas Rhett Instagram

Video Credit: Thomas Rhett Instagram