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This officially began 50 years ago this month with less than 100 people attending. This weekend, over 60,000 people will attend it right here in Indianapolis. 




This is technically the 51st annual Gen-Con, the world’s largest gaming and role-playing convention. The first official one was in 1968 with fewer than 100 people attending but the previous year, in 1967,  a handful of people got together for what is now referred to as “Gen-Con.0”. That gathering was at the home of Gary Gygax who went on to create the game “Dungeons and Dragons”. This weekend over 60,000 gamers will descend on Indianapolis, many of them in costumes. And, before you make fun of any of them, just know that they’ll be spending an estimated $75 million while they’re here,  making it the largest convention of the year in Indianapolis! Have you ever attended a Gen-Con?

– Dave O’Brien


Photo Credit: DeanDrobot/ Thinkstock