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According to a new survey, 88{a18c87a46add82dbee5e4fa4c0cab30d5f6e3bbf78c3f52c3c01413f7f531a16} of couples who have gotten married in the past year had one of these valued at an average of $4835.

Gift registry

The average gift registry for a married couple over the past year had 125 items totaling $4835. Most registries are still a list of traditional items the couples wants or needs to set up a house but some registries are now asking guests to donate to charity or just give cash. 6{a18c87a46add82dbee5e4fa4c0cab30d5f6e3bbf78c3f52c3c01413f7f531a16} of couples asked guests to contribute to their honeymoons as their gift. 55{a18c87a46add82dbee5e4fa4c0cab30d5f6e3bbf78c3f52c3c01413f7f531a16} of couples had an online registry while the rest had a traditional in-store registry. How much is or was the gift registry for your wedding?

– Dave O’Brien