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According to a new study, 15{a18c87a46add82dbee5e4fa4c0cab30d5f6e3bbf78c3f52c3c01413f7f531a16} of all of the internet bandwidth used around the globe is because of this one company.




The percentage is even higher in the United States where 19{a18c87a46add82dbee5e4fa4c0cab30d5f6e3bbf78c3f52c3c01413f7f531a16} of all internet traffic is Netflix related. On Friday and Saturday nights, Netflix can hit a peak usage of 40{a18c87a46add82dbee5e4fa4c0cab30d5f6e3bbf78c3f52c3c01413f7f531a16} of all internet bandwidth. Random surfing on random websites is the second biggest use of bandwidth followed by YouTube worldwide. Just this year Amazon Prime overtook YouTube here in the United States. We have both Netflix and Amazon Prime at our house and we were watching YouTube videos this weekend so we’re driving all of those numbers up! How much Netflix, Amazon Prime or YouTube are you watching?

– Dave O’Brien