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Photo Credit: Dave O’Brien

John Rich, of Big & Rich, has a brand new whiskey, Redneck Riviera American Blended Whiskey, available now at Big Red Liquors in Indiana. The whiskey is not just approved by Dave & Casey, it’s Granny Rich approved!


JOHN: I told my distiller, there’s one last person I gotta run this by, my 86 year old Granny Rich who has been drinking since World War II…I poured her a shot of Redneck she tossed that thing back, she looked at me and said “that might be the smoothest whiskey I ever drank, and I ain’t even kidding you!” She had a lit Marlboro Red between her fingers and she goes, “Its Granny Rich approved!” Then she blew a bunch of smoke into my face!


Hear what inspired the whiskey and how it benefits Folds of Honor:

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